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The Mission of The AALC Foundation is to "encourage generosity that advances the ministries of The AALC . . .

The Foundation's Vision is to"provide sufficient support to implement church-wide initiatives, plant and grow thriving congregations . . .

Since the AALC Foundation's Endowment is not yet large enough to provide meaningful support from its earnings, the Foundation Board is appealing to individual members of The AALC for help with two immediate ministry needs that are consistent with the Foundation's mission and vision.

Abiding Grace Lutheran, Gillette, WY Abiding Grace Lutheran, Gillett, WY, a budding mission congregation of The AALC, has an opportunity to purchase a "Boys and Girls Club of America" facility to use as a church home.

To pursue this opportunity, Abiding Grace must amass a down payment of $60,000 by summer's end that will enable them to close a $260,000 loan by September 30th. Abiding Grace has raised $27,000. The AALC's Commission for American Missions has approved a $10,000 grant to Abiding Grace. That leaves a gap of $23,000, that must be closed in order for Abiding Grace to proceed with purchasing the property. Click here for their story.

Project Timothy-Kenya is $16,000 short of what is needed for Rev. Dr. Tom Aadland to resume work the new school year at Matongo Lutheran Theological College, in Kenya. Studying New Testament Greek

Dr. Aadland, a Presiding Pastor Emeritus of The AALC, is Dean of the Theological Faculty. His work in Kenya, through St. Timothy Society, has had a growing impact in meeting the desperate need for pastors and deaconesses in the rapidly growing Lutheran church that spans much of eastern central Africa. Dr. Aadland has taught students coming from South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Last week, the College received its first application from a prospective Nigerian student.

Classes are scheduled to resume in mid-August if funding can be secured.

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